Ancient Arms for the Barony Forgotten Sea

Within the Society for Creative Anachronism, there may come a time when a group wishes to update it's Heraldic Device.  When a person does this, they have the option to either retain the previous device as a badge (if they are not already at their maximum submissions), or retire the device.

There is now a new precedent when a group does this.  The Barony Forgotten Sea is proud to be the first group to be awarded the right to retain a previous device as "Ancient Arms".  The device depicted here, "Argent, a tree proper issuant from a trident head inverted sable between in chief two laurel wreaths vert.", shall always remain with the Barony; while the new device becomes a new standard by which the Barony is known.

The Ancent Arms device was first registered in August of 1979, through the Kingdom of the Middle.  Since then it has been used in many forms of Heraldic Display, and become quite well known throughout Calontir, and even other parts of the Knowne World.

The decision to award this device as Ancient Arms, was finalized in July of 2001, being Anno Societatis XXXVI.  when the Laurel Sovereign of Arms and the SCA Collrge of Arms approved the new device for the Barony.

We encourage other groups to find new forms of Heraldry Display for their groups and look forward to seeing Heraldry within the Society continue to grow and evolve.

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